Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid Week thoughts

This has definitely been a good week so far! Finished my first first track class of Espanol. You all should be happy to know that I got an "A". I can now almost understand HALF of what people are saying to me in Spanish! BUT hey it can only get better from here.

This past weekend was kept pretty low key.  I was home by 3 am Friday night (morning) and 6 am Saturday night (Sunday morning)! Don't worry, meeting great people here and enjoying the culture.  I mean if you want an accurate description of life abroad, I have to blend in as much as possible... what's that saying?? "When in Rome?"

Life here has started to fall into a routine, but with lots of weekend trips coming up in the next month I'll have some good travel stories for ya'll when I get back.  As for now be content with pictures of my time out and about in Alicante.

Myself, Adeline, Estelle and Bobby
Roomies kickin butt a pool
 Jenn and Bianca... Enjoying a night out
Friends enjoying Havana

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