Monday, February 7, 2011

- Happy Monday -

Finally getting into the swing of things here in Alicante. Spanish life is... different then life in America, but I feel like I am slowly starting to adapt, but there are some things I just don't think I will ever be able adapt to.  So with my good buddy Jason Tormey in mind (Yes that's a shout out to you buddy) I've been thinking of the ways that I have realized that I am still American...

     1. I like to eat sandwiches way too much (the ones here are either too small or have too much olive oil)
     2. I put pesto on things other then pasta
     3. I still use the phrase "hella" and "hecka"
     4. They have budweiser on tap and I'll get anything but that at the bar
     5. Chico taught me how to rally through a night out, that's for sure
     6. I take lots of pictures... super touristy (All for your benefit)
     7. My personal bubble gets invaded everyday. Is a little breathing room too much to ask for?!
     8. I like spicy foods, and Spain can't fix those needs
     9. Our beds are better

This past weekend I was finally able to do some sightseeing out and about here in Spain. My buddy Bobby and I decided to do a little day trip up to another coastal town called Denia. The train ride was pretty relaxing. There is a lot of agriculture in the area and it was a really good feeling to see the almond blossoms or the flor de almendro.
View from the train on the way up to Denia
By the time we got to Denia, it was lunch time and another great dish from Spain.  After that we decided to go and explore some. We made our way up to the castle that overlooks the town. Castillo Denia is a lot bigger then Castillo de Santa Barbara here in Alicante.  The look of this place was very medieval. Bobby and I were able to roam around at our leisure and do some exploring.  There was so much to see and the height above the city gave some pretty great sights.

After our tour of the Castle we decided to explore the city.  The small beach town of Denia was a great place to explore.  This one of the towns where you can hop on a ferry and head to the Balearic Islands... Ibiza in the future? I think so! After the mini tour it was time to head back Home sweet Alicante where as soon as we got off the train we ran downtown to watch Barcalona take on Atletico Madrid. (Barca won btw) Then the shenanigans of the night took place, but this is a family blog... so you'll only get those stories in person! Miss everyone back home!

AND here is everyone's favorite part of the blog... PICTURES!

 They knew I was coming!

Panorama of Denia
Chico State spotted in Austins! 
Friends supports our local futbol team

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