Thursday, January 20, 2011

The start of something cool...

Well no pictures in this one, just wanted to give a quick update before my afternoon siesta. (These things are addictive!) BUT as of yesterday I am a college student in Spain.  My Spanish class is Monday through Friday 10 am to 1 pm. 3 hours every day of espanol definitely wears the brain out.  My economics class doesn't start for another few weeks because the Spanish are in the middle of finals, and that class is with other international students. I plan on making friends with them all so I can travel to their homes this summer! Ohh and my Spanish cuisine class starts next week... you buy the ingredients, I'll cook the tapas when I get back.

This place is really a fun town. With almost 250,000 inhabitants, Alicante is a rather large place, but everything is focused around the city center (blocks away from my house) that I forget that there is so many people out there. I'm sure once the festivals start that I'll see every one of them. Carnival is supposed to be pretty amazing here... it's like I get another Halloween, ya'll are jealous I know.

After class tomorrow, the group is hiking up to the Castilla de Santa Barbara.  Should be able to get some good pics from that so expect some photos soon. (AND the apartment photos too) I told ya these siestas are getting in the way of things.

Picture from my first day here. 

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