Tuesday, January 11, 2011

from the airport...

It seems that months... weeks... days... have been leading up to this moment (AND it's finally happening).  I just really wanted to start this thing off from the beginning and let you all know that I am SO thankful for this experience. Made it through security with my luggage under weight (Corrin, learn to pack like your younger brother). And as I'm sitting here about to leave the Golden State I think it is fair to reflect on my surroundings.

The sounds of the jet engines fill the air, and it really is overwhelming that I won't be back here for some time. (California, not SF).  Not gonna lie, I'm slightly freaking out that I'm leaving.  Hopefully that only lasts for a few hours.  Not sure if I am ready for 12 hours of flying, time to get my read on.  Know that if you're reading this, then you most likely mean something to me.

See you next summer!

my scared face that I'm leaving

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